JPM 365

Frankly, I dont know who they are (a group of guys or gals or mix ?) but I love the colourful album art cover. Super nice use of colours.. Even the CD looks nice (as you can tell, I seldom share CD cover art but this time…)

Tell me if you know who they are ..

2012-11-30 : JPM 365
JPM 365

JPM 365

JPM 365

Even their CD looks nice…
JPM 365


01. 365天
02. 相信爱
03. Internet (feat. Kimberley)
04. Crazy For Love(JPM-毛弟独唱)
05. 我没有很想你
06. She Wanna Go
07. 爱情的下坡
08. 一个人也好(JPM-王子独唱)
09. 笑自己(JPM-小杰独唱)
10. Singing 4 Love

  1. Two of them are originally lollipop boys, if you know who they are

    • Thanks ! I know lollipop 🙂

  2. ermm i know who they are …. the guy in red is wang zi AKA prince … green is Mao di is prince brother and the yellow one is xiao jie AKA Jay …wang zi and Xiao jie is actually from lollipop last time .. but idk wad reason they split up :/ …but well the lollipop now known as LOLLIPOP F and JPM is still in the same entertainment . you should actually check their songs out ~~ is really nice and catchy … like ( Singing 4 love , moonwalk , 365 , 那不是血中红 ,因为有你,舞可取代 ) they even have they own solo like wang zi have (一个人也好 ) JPM voice is really great. … 🙂

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