Movie 881 Soundtrack Album Art

Thanks to a reader, Brian (thank you Brian !!), who sent me a brunch of really good album art covers. I will share some of them in the future but first, I really need to share this one immediately as I am so happy to have it 🙂

This is one of my favourite local movie, 881 that was released in August 2007. By September 2007, the film had grossed over S$3 million, making it the top grossing Asian film in Singapore in 2007. The same director has gone on to produce another one, 12 Lotus, that are now in the movie theatres in 2008.

The official soundtrack was released the evening before the show opened, on the 8th of August. The theme song, 一人一半, is sung by 伍家輝 and is really a very touching song.

2007 : 881 Movie SoundTrack
881 Movie SoundTrack


改編詞:小寒 曲:伍加輝

一人一半 感情不散
一人一素故 感情才會久
時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

這樣的人 這樣地等
為愛翻滾 不計傷痕

這樣的人 別笑我蠢
傻傻的 心痛也不覺疼
就算天冷 就算殘忍

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開

時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

Repeat Chorus*

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開
已經找到愛 為何先離開

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