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侧田 The Drug Called Music

Justin Lo latest album “the drug called music”. Yes music is a drug. You simply cannot live without it. Must have it every day. As the sub-title of this album wrote, “Take 1 Tablet

侧田 Never Odd Or Even

Nice title by Justin ! Never Odd or Even. I understand there are quite a few different versions of this album art. All nice !! [2015-06-05] 侧田 Never Odd Or Even 01.歌成就今天这个我 02.We Touch

侧田 我没有变过爱的习惯

侧田. Justin Lo’s latest album and what a heart warming lovely album art. We need more of these in Mandarin Pop. 2010-06-22 : 侧田 我没有变过爱的习惯 专辑曲目 01. Intro 02. 无限大 03. 爱的习惯 04. 原来你什么都想要

侧田 From JUSTIN – Collection of His First 3 Years

侧田 Very popular in Hong Kong. His latest compilation album was released in Hong Kong when I was there and I can visited CD shops and saw the album selling well. [2009-02-27] 侧田 From

侧田 Earlier Albums

侧田 and his albums from earlier years.. For more of his albums 2005 : 侧田 Justin 2006 : 侧田 No Protection 2007 : 侧田 JTV

侧田 Justin 阿田

侧田 Latest 2008 Album. 2008 : 侧田 Justin 阿田 Track Listing 01. 三十日 02. 世界小姐 03. 信我 04. 未输 05. 阔太 06. 侧太 07. 云 08. Intoxication 09. 中环 10. 自身