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倪安东 Friends

Handsome Anthony 倪安东 with his latest album.. FRIENDS ! [2013-10-08] 倪安东 Friends 专辑曲目: 01.一切都是因为爱 02.我是你的 03.想回家 04.见外 05.死不睡觉 06.汗水的重量 07.疗伤歌手 08.第三人称 09.影子 10.All My Love

倪安东 Wake Up

Anthony is back with a second album that includes a single CD too…. 2012-02-24 : 倪安东 Wake Up 专辑曲目: Disc 1 01.Wake Up 02.这一刻 03.失败的分手 04.魁儡 05.让我爱她 06.救命 07.想念是一条河 08.梦裡来过 09.Letters 10.一觉醒来 Disc 2

倪安东 第一课

倪安东 Heard of him ? Anthony Neely 倪安东. The most successful PK (penalty kick… oops.. Player Kill) challenger in all the seasons of One Million Star Taiwan Singing Competition (超級星光大道). His performances created huge