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张栋梁 口袋的五度世界 演唱会 Live

Wow. 张栋梁 口袋的五度世界 演唱会 Live!! Nicholas Teo’s album from his concert. Many great songs of his ! [2018-02-07] 张栋梁 口袋的五度世界 演唱会 Live You can hear the album from Apple Music: Track listing 1.王子 Live

张栋梁 我真的以为

Not heard from Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 for a while and really remembered this great song by him… 张栋梁 我真的以为 was a song from his album, 张栋梁 首选. And the song is so haunting beautiful.

张栋梁 别再惊动爱情

张栋梁 My favourite male singer and his new album !! FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS 2011-09-17 : 张栋梁 别再惊动爱情 Track Listing 01.别再惊动爱情 02.不多 03.怎麽会哭 04.被幸福追着跑 05.天敌 06.钟摆人 07.寂寞成自然 08.晒乾悲伤 09.世界上最爱你的人 10.给朋友的话

张栋梁 首张同名专辑[台湾版]

I love 张栋梁 !! His songs are very best at heartbroken guys’ feelings.. FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS 2005-08 : 张栋梁 首张同名专辑[台湾版] 专辑曲目 1.Introduction 2.当你孤单你会想起谁(Mv Version) 3.寂寞边界 4.Dream 5.我真的以为 6.Hurt 7.这首歌 8.你和我 9.过渡期 10.那年 11.让我陪你

张栋梁 只在乎你 (2005 感谢马来西亚歌迷特别版)

张栋梁 只在乎你 (2005 感谢马来西亚歌迷特别版) FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS 2005-08-18 : 张栋梁 只在乎你 (2005 感谢马来西亚歌迷特别版) 专辑曲目: 1.日日夜夜 2.Dream 3.只在乎你 4.藏爱 5.当你孤单你会想起谁 6.寂寞边界 7.当你孤单你会想起谁(Mv) 8.这首歌(Mv) 9.让我陪你(Mv)

张栋梁 首选

张栋梁 首选 FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS 2004-06 : 张栋梁 首选 Track Listing 1.寂寞边界 2.当你孤单你会想起谁 3.Only One 4.我真的以为 5.那年 6.你和我 7.Hurt 8.这首歌 9.让我陪你 10.过渡期

张栋梁 沉默的瞬间

张栋梁 沉默的瞬间 His latest album ! Saw a few version of his cover art for this album. Hope this is the right one. If not, I will update 🙂 FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS

微笑 Pasta Sound Track Album

王心凌 and 张栋梁 Soundtrack for the Taiwan serial 微笑PASTA ! 2006-07-14 : 微笑 PASTA For more of pretty Cyndi’s albums on Apple Music: Track Listing 01. 彩虹的微笑 – 王心凌 02. 北极星的眼泪 – 张栋梁 03.

张栋梁 Nicholas Teo Discography Album Art Covers

张栋梁. Nicholas Teo ! 张栋梁 is one of my favourite male singers !! FOR MORE OF HIS ALBUMS 2004 : 张栋梁 首选 2006 : 张栋梁 主打张栋梁 2007 : 张栋梁 王子 2008 : 张栋梁 From