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曾沛慈 我爱你 以上

曾沛慈 with her new album.. 我爱你 以上 (I Love You Period.. er sounds kinda of weird.. Period…) Life is like a marathon. She was not the winner (not even top 3) but I think

曾沛慈 我是曾沛慈

Wow.. Pets Tseng or 曾沛慈 ! My favourite during those days of the Taiwan singing competition 超級星光大道 ! After so long so long, she finally has her own album !! 2014-12-17 : 曾沛慈 我是曾沛慈

终极一班2 电视原声带

Only noticed this album 终极一班2 电视原声带 (or for that matter, this Taiwan show.. I very very very seldom watch Taiwan shows).. but when the radio played the song 一个人想着一个人 by 曾沛慈, I got very