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李心洁 Man & Woman

Angelica Lee is one of the most pretty and sexy singers (and actresses) to me 🙂 But she always act in ghost movies one 🙂 Here’s her album, MAN & WOMAN 2003-01: 李心洁 Man

李心洁 Bye Bye 童年

李心洁 : Bye Bye Childhood but what a nice album art. 1998-06 : 李心洁 Bye Bye 童年 Track Listing CD1 01.睡到世界末日·Sleep Until The End of the World 02.自由·Born to Run 03.喜欢·Imtinate Feeling of You

李心洁 爱像大海

李心洁 爱像大海 Angelica Lee is very pretty (and extremely sexy) to me ! 🙂 And very good actress (although I get the feeling she always act in ghost shows leh). 2000-09 : 李心洁 爱像大海