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杨宗纬 初爱

Aska Yang is back again ! He was very quiet after his first album but now has 3 already ! COOL ! 🙂 [2013-03-29] 杨宗纬 初爱 专辑曲目: 01.其实都没有 02.忘了我 03.想对你说 04.低回 05.初爱 06.没有什么不能 07.无邪

杨宗纬 原色

杨宗纬 原色 He is back !! After such a long time, he is finally back with a new album 原色. Come on, Aska 杨宗纬 ! Treasure your singing career okie ! 🙂 2011-08-26 : 杨宗纬

杨宗纬 鸽子

杨宗纬 released his debut album Pigeon… or 鸽子 Will he turn up to be those artistes that have 1 album to their name ? 2008 : 杨宗纬 鸽子 Track Listing 1.让 2.幸福的风 3.鸽子 4.洋葱