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王祖蓝 奇幻逆缘

Cho Lam 王祖蓝 very talent artiste from Hong Kong and his latest album… The Curious Case or 奇幻逆缘 [2013-02-01] 王祖蓝 奇幻逆缘 专辑曲目: 01. 地星人 (粤语) 02. 歌和老街 (粤语) 03. 奇幻逆缘 (粤语) 04. 给孩子的信 (粤语)

王祖蓝 All About Loving You

王祖蓝 For serious fans only of him. Cannot deny he is very talented and worked very hard. You will love him if you watch HK drama and most importantly, variety shows. [2011-08-16] 王祖蓝 All