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石欣卉 真欣石意

石欣卉 Her latest album. 3 CDs with new songs and old songs and remixes. 2010-04-29 : 石欣卉 真欣石意 CD1 1.阿蠢 (NEW) 2.一人留 (NEW) 3.投降 (NEW) 4.以为 (NEW) 5.担心 (NEW) 6.喜欢你 (NEW) 7.我知道我变漂亮了 8.I Believe

石欣卉 你没想像中爱我 Great Song

石欣卉 A while back she released her latest album. In it, there is a great song, 你没想像中爱我, that was highly recommended by the radio Jia 88.3. She wrote this song (the lyrics at least…).

石欣卉 女皇 Queen

石欣卉 Her latest album. A big change from her previous image. This time she looks so much different. Will upload a better album art when I get the album (Thanks to reader, Jun Xian