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范文芳 Missing You 想你

The queen of Singapore drama scene… with an old album in 1999.. 1999-06 : 范文芳 Missing You 想你 专辑曲目: 01.LUV3 02.想你 03.我还好 04.谢谢再联络 05.刚好 06.或许我们可以 07.一圈一圈 08.虚拟实境 09.紧急刹车 10.快乐解药 11.Honey Beer 12.Private Number 13.一圈一圈

范文芳 Fanntasy

Her debut album. Miss Fann Wong 范文芳.. of Singapore Television fame. Yes I have this album. AMAZING right 🙂 Actually 别让情两难 is a nice song… WAWAWAWA 🙂 [1996-10-06] 范文芳 Fanntasy Track Listing 01. 无欲无求

范文芳 真心话 电影原声带

范文芳 (Fann Wong) and 何润东 acted in this Chinese movie version of Pretty Woman 🙂 1999-03 : 范文芳 真心话 电影原声带 Track Listing 01.迷一般的少女 02.爱就爱There is no why-范文芳 03.逛街(广东语)-范文芳 04.发现阿真 05.跟随-范文芳 06.迷幻的世界 07.真心话-范文芳 08.新居 09.逛街(广东语)Remix-范文芳

范文芳 一个人生活

范文芳 Fann Wong. I Live Alone Album…. Actually.. I have lots of her albums 🙂 [1997-09] 范文芳 一个人生活 Track Listing 1.一个人生活 2.别让情两难 3.心事 4.假戏真作 5.化妆 6.被爱的权利 7.每个梦 8.星光 9.爱曾经来过 10.吹散为你留下的梦

范文芳 爱上了你 新曲+精选

范文芳 Happy New Year ! 2005-06 : 范文芳 爱上了你 新曲+精选 Track Listing 01.渐走渐远 02.爱上了你 03.天下有心人 04.Always On My Mind 05.逛街 (Live Band版) 06.Summer Rain 07.想你 08.一个人生活 09.被爱的权利 10.Luv Luv Luv 11.快乐解药 12.月亮的秘密 13.好想 14.爱就爱

范文芳 逛街

范文芳 Just admire the cover. Dun need to find the album 🙂 But if you really keen to hear how Fann’s voice is like, then there are a lot of her albums in the