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蔡琴 新感情旧回忆

Cai Qin… audiophile voice 🙂 1994 : 蔡琴 新感情旧回忆 专辑曲目: 01.示爱 02.新感情 03.洛神 04.动情以后 05.爱上你的悲剧 06.爱你太浓 07.现在不想见你 08.一人卡拉OK 09.痴情一世人 10.天台的月光

蔡琴 回到未来 台语老歌

Cai Qin !! 蔡琴 回到未来 台语老歌 1991 : 蔡琴 回到未来 台语老歌 专辑曲目: 01. 青春悲喜曲 02. 思慕的人 03. 旧情绵绵 04. 温泉乡的吉他 05. 月夜愁 06. 孤女的愿望 07. 望你早归 08. 南都夜曲 09. 孤恋花 10. 心酸酸

蔡琴 出塞曲 LPCD

LPCD version of the 1979 album from Ms Cai Qin… So many fantastic songs from this album… [1979] 蔡琴 出塞曲 LPCD Track listing 1.出塞曲 2.抉择 3.被遗忘的时光 4.远飏的梦舟 5.相思雨 6.晨书 7.怎么能 8.送别 9.船 10.庭院深深 被遗忘的时光

蔡琴 铭刻时光 经典全记录

What a collection. Got it at local bookstore (which also sell CDs and DVDs) at less than 30 Singapore Dollar for the whole set of 8 CDs… in a very nice box that holds

蔡琴 往事

Another Tsai Chin album to share 🙂 2005 : 蔡琴 往事 Track Listing 01 香烟迷蒙了眼睛 02 被遗忘的时光 03 机遇 04 最后一夜 05 点亮霓虹灯 06 三年 07 让你 08 那些事那些人 09 南屏晚钟 10 夜来香 11

蔡琴 民歌+精选

One of the best audiophile compilation you can find in the market. Grab it ! Cai Qin voice rocks. 1996 : 蔡琴 民歌+精选 Track Listing 01 被遗忘的时光 02 跟我说爱我 03 你的眼神 04 想你的时候 05

蔡琴 2010 海上良宵 香港演唱会

蔡琴 This is really an VERY EXCELLENT Concert. You should try to grab the BLURAY version of this concert. It is a great concert and showed Tsai Chin at her very best. 2011-01 :

蔡琴 李清照 如梦令

蔡琴 2010-04-09 : 蔡琴 李清照 如梦令 专辑曲目: 01.如梦令 02.如梦令 (伴奏)

蔡琴 爱像一首歌

蔡琴 Queen of audiophile CDs. Every self respecting audiophile fan must have her CDs 🙂 Look at the information listed in the cover of the album. It stated even the 3 high quality microphone

蔡琴 不悔 2008 Album

蔡琴 She is the queen of vocal in Hong Kong. As many audiophile would say, your CD library is never complete without at least one of her album. This is her album in 2008.