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薛之谦 渡 The Crossing

Joker Xue.. Hot hot hot ! His latest album.. 薛之谦 渡 When one is hot, one must maximise !! [2017-11-28] 薛之谦 渡 The Crossing Track Listing 1 动物世界 2 暧昧 3 像风一样 4 高尚

薛之谦 初学者

薛之谦 One of his many albums.. this one is Beginner, 初学者. [2016-07-19] 薛之谦 初学者 Big big album art cover Track Listing 1.初學者 2.剛剛好 3.我好像在哪見過你 4.演員 5.紳士 6.一半 7.小孩 8.Stay Here 9.花兒和少年 10.下雨了