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邓丽欣 看透 邓丽欣演唱会

邓丽欣 看透 邓丽欣演唱会 Stephy Tang.. with her own brand of music and theory of life ? 🙂 On iTunes Store too: [2008-01-25] 邓丽欣 看透 邓丽欣演唱会 Track Listing 1.看透 2.派對動物 3.鈴鼓咖啡店 4.黑白照 5.七夕 6.日久生情 7.愛與痛的邊緣

邓丽欣 No One Knows (EP)

邓丽欣 or Stephy Tang.. she is very popular in HK and has many great Canto songs ! Stephy !! Stephy !! I love you !! Check out her iTunes album: 2010-07-15 : 邓丽欣 No One

邓丽欣 Music Cafe

邓丽欣 Music Cafe December 2009 brings so many new albums it is almost amazing. Today, another new album from a very pretty and very stylish babe ! You will notice she sang a few