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邓福如 自成一派

She is back. A Fu is back … 邓福如 with her latest album.. 自成一派 As usual, again available on iTunes Store (and soon, Apple Music !!) 2015-06-19 : 邓福如 自成一派 专辑曲目: 01.Refresh 02.自成一派 03.前面路口停

邓福如 天空岛

Wow.. yet another album from her 邓福如. The album name is Sky Island or 天空岛 … the internet singing sensation continues her astonishing career. [2013-06-07] 邓福如 天空岛 专辑曲目: 01.无限度自由 02.完美情人 03.天使 04.Me & U

邓福如 你好,哈波尼斯

邓福如 你好,哈波尼斯 Internet singing senstation 2nd album….. It is actually just an EP.. Did u heard her first 🙂 2012-03-07 : 邓福如 你好,哈波尼斯 Track Listing 01.All Happy 02.Where Is The Love? 03.Track 3 04.Thank

邓福如 原来如此!!

邓福如 原来如此 Thanks to bro Kenvin for these album art covers. She is a new singing sensation from the INTERNET. 2011-05 : 邓福如 原来如此!! 专辑曲目: 1.未填词 2.声声慢 3.一点点喜欢 4.如果有如果 5.起飞 6.福尔摩斯 7.你好吗 天气好吗 8.星空恋曲