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钟舒漫 Sherman, I, Me and Myself

Nice title for 钟舒漫 Sherman’s latest album. Sherman, I, Me and Myself. Super cool huh ! 2016-05-05 : 钟舒漫 Sherman I Me and Myself 专辑曲目: 1、这首歌的名字是秘密 (放开镜头 粤语版) 2、苦茶 3、破镜重圆 4、扎孖辫 5、放开镜头 (这首歌的名字是秘密 国语版)

钟舒漫 What If

Sherman !! [2014-11-28] 钟舒漫 What If Track Listing 1.SS14(& 钟舒祺) 2.One More Chance 3.劫后余生 4.心灰(国)

钟舒漫 Everlasting

This is the full album. Previously there was an EP with the same name… This album art cover looks very Japanese 🙂 2013-09-12 : 钟舒漫 Everlasting 专辑曲目: 01.吞声忍气 02.冲流 03.海绵 04.Stop me baby 05.You

钟舒漫 Everlasting EP

Sherman Chung latest EP .. Everlasting.. Nice cover.. [2013-06] 钟舒漫 Everlasting EP Track Listing 01. Everlasting 02. Everlasting KTV Version 03. Everlasting Duet 04. Everlasting Single

钟舒漫 SC

Sherman ! I am still looking for a copy of her Mandarin album but here’s her latest Canto album ! What a beautiful album art cover !! 2012-07-25 : 钟舒漫 SC Updated with Reader

钟舒漫 我可以

钟舒漫 我可以 This is her first Mandarin album. I remembered this song, 给自己的信, in the radio airwaves but only found out that it did not yet came from an album. So I found out

钟舒漫 It’s A Beautiful Day

钟舒漫 It’s A Beautiful Day Are those real shoes or just an illustration ? 🙂 Very colourful and busy album art. Very stylish. Very special album cover. 2011-04-11 : 钟舒漫 It’s A Beautiful Day

钟舒漫 One Mission

钟舒漫 One Mission My new Canto queen and her latest album… think she rocks !! 2010-07-29 : 钟舒漫 One Mission 专辑曲目: 01. 童话国 02. I Don’t Worry 03. 拼图 04. 买物提案 05. 80之后 06.

钟舒漫 给自己的信

钟舒漫 Canto album but seemed to be a Mandarin version of the title song floating around now in the radiowaves. Maybe she is releasing a Chinese album soon ? 2009-10-02 : 钟舒漫 给自己的信 专辑曲目: