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F4 在这里等你

F4 在这里等你 Many many years ago.. a Chinese boy band… 🙂 2007-12 : F4 在这里等你 Track Listing 1.體驗 2.在這裡等你 3.你是我唯一的執著(言承旭) 4.Listen to your heart(吳建豪) 5.殘念(周渝民) 6.愛不停止(朱孝天) 7.七天(吳建豪) 8.白(周渝民) 9.無所謂(朱孝天) 10.我沒有辦法離開你(言承旭)

F4 烟火的季节

F4 烟火的季节 Hey pretty boys.. actually I do like a few songs in this album including the song 烟火的季节. Actually most of their albums have a few nice songs.. especially if you are a