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JS 这就是爱

JS !! Already available on the amazing iTunes Store: 2015-03-06 : JS 这就是爱 Track Listing 1.Intro 序曲 2.這就是愛 3.兩人份的幸福 4.我是愛真的你

JS 听见

JS 听见 JS or Justin and Sophia. I am not quite familiar with their songs but I think they sang one of the local production songs that I loved a lot.. but not 100%

JS Somewhere

JS Somewhere 2009-05-12 : JS Somewhere 专辑曲目: 1.Somewhere (Justin Version) 2.Somewhere (Sophia Version) 3.杀破狼 (through the fire remix) 4.Heaven (in the breeze remix) 5.Somewhere (extended remix) 6.Somewhere (original demo)