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Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art…. I finally got an Apple iPhone many years after it was first launched and I had wanted it that very first moment. I felt in love with it

New iPod Shuffle : Voice Over work with Chinese Songs ?

Apple launched yet another brilliant iPod again. This time it is the smallest music player that actually talks to you.. or so it said… It is a very very small iPod Shuffle that has

Album Art Cover Flow in iPod Nano 4th Generation

I have two First Generation iPod Nano which I bought years ago when it was very first launched in Singapore. In fact, it is so old that it is part of the accepted iPod

Samsung YP-S3 : A Simple Review

Recently I got my hands on a Samsung YP-S3 MP3 player. It was pretty small and thin product, very much in the Apple Nano space. It is a flash based MP3 player and the