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Olivia Ong 等等

Olivia is back ! With yet another album to showcase her vocals… wait wait [2013-05-17] Olivia Ong 等等 Track Listing 01.同化 02.等等 03.不化妆舞会 04.我在想 05.幸福记号 06.对了,我错了 07.大不了 08.爱够了 09.不变 10.守望 11.Wonderland (Bonus Track)

Olivia Ong Romance

Olivia Ong Singapore’s proud singing sensation with an EXCELLENT voice. Buy her CD. Play her CD at night. Enjoy her CD at night. Totally pleasure. 2011-07-22 : Olivia Ong Romance Track Listing 01.A Love

Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑

Her full album list Includes the Nonya song, 如燕 2010-08-11 : Olivia Ong 夏夜晚风 Live 影音专辑 专辑曲目 01.I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (就是不能) 02.Luka (卢卡) 03.Killing Me Softly With His Song

Olivia Ong Discography

Her full album list 2005 March 24 : Girl Meets Bossanova 2005 October 26 : Precious Stones 2006 August 9 : Tamarillo 2006 November 22 : A Girl Meets Bossanova 2 2007 July 6