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李荣浩 麻雀

Superstar, Li Rong Hao and his latest album, Sparrow. Er.. I dont like the album art 🙂 [2020-07-30] 李荣浩 麻雀 Available in Apple Music now Large album art cover Album tracks 专辑曲目: 01 –

五月天 突然好想见到你 Live in the Sky

五月天 album… Concert Soundtrack… [2020-07-07] 五月天 突然好想见到你 live in the sky Listen to it on Apple Music Large Large Album Art Cover for 五月天 突然好想见到你 live in the sky 专辑曲目: 01.一颗苹果 live in the

吴若希 爱情无价

There you go, the TVB shows’ theme songs queen :). Miss Jinny Ng 吴若希 with a whole album FULL of TVB shows. As I shared in this blog post, I needed this kind of

群星 爱.回忆108 (新曲+精选)

What an amazing collection of songs in this compliation album, 爱.回忆108 (新曲+精选). It is an album of Cantonese songs (and some Mandarin songs) by many Hong Kong stars !! Very Nice !! Available on

金素梅 多情痴心

I love one song in this album by 金素梅. The album is called 多情痴心 🙂 [1991-12-01] 金素梅 多情痴心 Yes… it is 多情…. the best song from 金素梅 🙂 Lyrics of 多情 他们在窃窃私语 谈论著我过去的爱情一边笑 一边说 一边数着我的错 仿佛是我太过多情 而我的寻寻觅觅 只换来几次好梦易醒那些苦 那些泪 那些负担与伤心 他们都毫不知情 而我那好不容易平复的伤口 被他们轻易的挑了起来而那些我不愿一再提起的往事 变成了他们口中的闲言冷语

梁咏琪 Preludio

Gigi Leung ! Such a long time since I heard her album !! I love her old songs. Don’t know how the new ones are !! It is available on Apple Music now !!

曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕

Heard this song on my new favourite radio station, Hao 96.3 🙂 So thought I will try to find the album art since I have the MP3 song. Here it goes. Sorry if you

胡夏 拾

Hu Xia 胡夏 EP 拾. Just two songs. Hence an EP. 2020-05-14 : 胡夏 拾 A larger album art cover Track Listing 专辑曲目: 01.等雨02.花期

家家 还是想念

Jia Jia 家家 album in 2016 还是想念. The song 家家酒 is my favourite son in this album !! [2016-12-30] 家家 还是想念 LARGE album art Available on Apple Music as usual Track Listings 1.家家歌(& 以莉高露

郭富城 纯真传说

Did you catch Aaron Kwok 郭富城 live concert 郭富城鼓舞。動起來網上慈善演唱會during the Covid-19 period where he sang live in the Kowloon waterfront (Harbour City) to raise funds for the dancers who might have problems during this

动力火车 就是红 光辉全记录

Long time never post Power Station 动力火车 album cover. [2004-04-01] 动力火车 就是红 光辉全记录 Larger album art Does this song bring back your memories 🙂 動力火車-當-還珠格格主題曲 Track List 1.彩虹2.大雨3.眉飞色舞4.分手快乐5.他一定很爱你6.流砂7.至少还有你8.你把我灌醉9.黑色幽默10.不如跳舞11.绿光12.打开天空13.除了爱你还能爱谁14.无情的情书15.忠孝东路走九遍16.我不知道17.想你是临睡的习惯18.镇守爱情19.冲动20.再见我的爱人21.背叛情歌22.明天的明天的明天23.外套24.酒醉的探戈200125.当26.不甘心不放手27.再会吧!我的心上人

韦礼安 Sounds of My Life

韦礼安 and his latest album in 2020. Called Sounds of my life…. [2020-04-29] 韦礼安 Sounds of My Life Hear this album on Apple Music now Larger Album Art Track Listing 专辑曲目: 01.Sounds of My

刘若英 2020 刘若英陪你 献上录音专辑

Her latest album. A live recording album. [2020-04-30] 刘若英2020 刘若英陪你 献上录音专辑 Track Listing 专辑曲目: 01 – 这个世界02 – 陪着你03 – 飘洋过海来看你04 – 妈妈05 – 出发06 – Shall We Talk07 – 爱的代价08 – 找到你09 –

Even Chinesealbumart has to follow the times

I am a pretty stubborn Virgo. Today, streaming music are all over the place and Spotify or Apple Music or KKbox will have all the songs you wanted. Even the Mandarin and Cantonese Pop,

光良 绝类

Michael Wang is back with all new Chinese album. 光良 绝类 [2020-03-21] 光良 绝类 Available on iTunes Music A large album art cover as usual listing of songs 1.反方向 2.烂天气 3.蕨类 4.雨中的赞美诗 5.想你了 6.1901的上一位房客