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郭富城 纯真传说

Did you catch Aaron Kwok 郭富城 live concert 郭富城鼓舞。動起來網上慈善演唱會during the Covid-19 period where he sang live in the Kowloon waterfront (Harbour City) to raise funds for the dancers who might have problems during this difficult period of time ?


He is amazing right ! At his age, his body and his dance moves and his stamina are amazing !!!

Here’s my tribute to Aaron Kwok !! He sang this song, 强, at the end.

Such a nice song !!

[1995-05] 郭富城 纯真传说

[1995-05] 郭富城 纯真传说
[1995-05] 郭富城 纯真传说

强 Lyrics

*需跨多少个山 漫漫长路与海
需经多少次哀 几多的障碍赛

不知几番跌到 旁人斜视喝采
只因心中记紧 当天可敬父亲
** ‘强人是你 能飞天遁地
其实你了不起 假使你永不说不能做到
强人是你 能顶天立地 如败倒 再挣起
永没言死 才是活着的真理
Repeat *

曾垂头万次 仍抬头又试 再战再创这生意义
无忘慈父那 从前留下句子
Repeat **

Large Album Arts. Miss those days where it is easy to get BACK covers as well.

郭富城 纯真传说
郭富城 纯真传说
郭富城 纯真传说
郭富城 纯真传说

Track Listing

01 纯真传说
02 强
03 情人眼里看世界
04 天地不容
05 金色的一刹那
06 望乡之再见萤火虫
07 小城故事 Budali
08 恋爱中
09 是又怎样
10 不只一次
11 标准时间
12 你是我的一切之春眠篇

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