Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art….

I finally got an Apple iPhone many years after it was first launched and I had wanted it that very first moment. I felt in love with it when Steve Jobs introduced it to the world. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my work status does not allowed me to do so.

Last week, I finally got an iPhone 3GS and I loved it so much. Amazingly, it worked really well with my office’s Exchange server. In fact, it took less than 2 minutes to synch my calendar, my contacts and my emails with my office Exchange server. Ironically, it took a much longer time for me to link up to my office’s Microsoft Exchange server when I previously used a HTC Diamond phone running Windows Mobile !

Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog. I just would like to share photos of how the album art embedded in the MP3 looked like. It looked so wonderful !!

Apple iPhone and Chinese Album Art

Apple iPhone and Chinese Album Art

Cover flow
Apple iPhone and Chinese Album Art

Album listing when you hit on the album cover in cover flow:
Apple iPhone and Chinese Album Art

Enjoy the pictures.

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    Some more i am a Chinese myself and is a such lover of chinese culture and in fact, believe a lot in the future of China 🙂

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