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Even Chinesealbumart has to follow the times

I am a pretty stubborn Virgo. Today, streaming music are all over the place and Spotify or Apple Music or KKbox will have all the songs you wanted. Even the Mandarin and Cantonese Pop,

Chinesealbumart is Ten Years Old

Ten years ago I started this web site. It was driven by my Virgo nature. Every music file in my music player (yes we have that 10 years ago) must have an album art.

张栋梁 我真的以为

Not heard from Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 for a while and really remembered this great song by him… 张栋梁 我真的以为 was a song from his album, 张栋梁 首选. And the song is so haunting beautiful.

范玮琪 到不了 in 范范的世界 album

Christine Fan 范玮琪 and one of my most favourite song 到不了 to sing in KTV. First appeared in her first album, 范范的世界 in year 2000. Still so beautiful today. So relevant. To our lives.

Apple Music and Mandopop and Cantopop

I never really managed to get a hang on Spotify and its Mandarin and Cantonese music. I always think that iTunes has a better selection of Mandarin pop and Cantonese pop and was looking

My top 5 album art covers of 2012

2012 has come to an end (but earth has not). Looking back through the album art covers for the past year that were hosted on this web site, I truly had some difficulties finding

iTunes 11 and Album Background Colours

While iTunes 11 continues to frustrate some people (especially myself) with the removal of the Coverflow (oh my god.. HOW COULD APPLE DO THAT !!)… some parts are pretty interesting.. Under album view, the

Wall of Sound iPad App uses album art

As usual, I love apps like this. This app is called Wall of Sound. It is actually a music player. It made use of all your music album art covers in your iPad library

iTunes 11 Launched

Finally… iTunes 11 has launched.. Here’s how it looked for me with Album Art Covers and all.. It is a CRIME (ha ha) not to have Album Art Covers for all your songs okie….

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Will be harder to get GOOD Album Art Covers

Sad day for Album Art Lovers… Got this news from a China website: 7月28日, 内部获悉, 从2012年7月26日发布的Hong_Chen-Ms_72-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK (洪辰《72小姐》 [2012年07月26日])开始, TosK最新华语专辑正式版不再提供高清扫图, 只有宽度低于1000px的封面, 封底, cd图. COCMP3, iUKoO可能还会有. 因为在近两年, 华语专辑正式版几乎等于TosK, 所以标题写大了. 网络上最新华语专辑正式版资源几乎看不到高清扫图… 原因不解释, 借用115 ceo赖霖枫一句话“真的希望聪明的您能够懂”. Tosk has been

iTunes go live in Singapore

Finally.. iTunes go live in Singapore Hit and miss.. Jacky’s albums have no chinese characters in his album and song titles. I am volunteering to Apple. HIRE ME 🙂 Joey’s do. And I saw

There are BOOKS on Album Art

So I am not crazy after all 🙂

Leslie Cheung : My Top 5 Favourite Album Covers

张国荣 Today is the death anniversary of Leslie Cheung, one of the greatest singer and actor and entertainer in the history of Hong Kong. His death shocked too many and till today, many cannot

Album Art in Samsung Omnia 7 Windows 7 Mobile

Sharing a few photos of how album art and the interface of Zune in a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows 7 Phone looks like.. pretty neat.. But not cover flow 🙂 And oh, I cannot