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封面党 But Not Accessible from China

Found a new term today. Just realized that people who loved Album Art like me are called “封面党” in China… Nice.. I like it 🙂 However, also realized that this web site is NOT

黄小琥’s 没那么简单 and 伴

黄小琥 I would like to share two great songs in 黄小琥’s latest album, 简单/不简单. One song is the them song, 没那么简单 and the other is 伴. The former really speaks to my mind about

萧亚轩 钻石糖 Publicity Shot

萧亚轩 萧亚轩 第十张 全新国语大碟 《钻石糖》 9/25 预购 10/9 发行 !! Get it from iTunes store: 萧亚轩 钻石糖 Publicity Shot

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art…. I finally got an Apple iPhone many years after it was first launched and I had wanted it that very first moment. I felt in love with it

陈伟联 分手的情书 with Lyrics

陈伟联 Recommending this song, 分手的情书, from his latest album. I love it. It is so touching. However, I am having a very hard time finding the lyrics for this song so I finally took

Tools that I use in my MP3 Workflow

I get my MP3 from many sources. From my CD collection that I am still trying my best to convert (it is almost 15 years of collection…), from my friends and colleagues’ collections and

I finally tried Songbird at last

Yes. I know I am very slow. Finally, today, I installed Songbird. I always thought it will take a lot of my time and effort but surprisingly, it did not take very long for

2009年 第20届金曲奖

第20届金曲奖 held on 28th June 2009. The previous year is here at this blog post. Some of the results and albums involved with their album art. 最佳国语专辑: 陈奕迅 不想放手 最佳国语男歌手: 周杰伦 魔杰座 最佳国语女歌手: 陈珊妮

石欣卉 你没想像中爱我 Great Song

石欣卉 你没想像中爱我 is a very good song… A while back she released her latest album. In it, there is a great song, 你没想像中爱我, that was highly recommended by the radio Jia 88.3. She wrote

Finding Missing Lyrics in your MP3 songs

I was enjoying a Chinese song on my iPod at Starbucks today and wanted to sing along (silently in case all the customers died of choking). So I moved to the lyrics screen of

SkiniTunes : A great companion to iTunes but Chinese music albums have 1 small issue

I am always on the look out for nice, pretty and fun software to play my MP3 music with. Recently Lifehacker introduced a companion to the iTunes called SkiniTunes. You can read about this

Rest In Peace 阿桑

阿桑 Sad that a good singer passed away. She passed away quietly (and many were surprised) due to cancer. She was 34 years old only. 2003 : 阿桑 受了点伤 One of her best songs,

谢安琪 欢送会 and 囍帖街

谢安琪 Same song but in different languages. One (囍帖街) in Canto (in 2008 Binary Album) and one (欢送会) in Chinese (in 2009 Yelling Album). Enough to push Kay to the top of Hong Kong

Why iTunes songs cannot have proper Chinese titles

If you go to iTunes and buy a Chinese or Canto song, you will be stuck with some crazy pinyin or English translated song title, artist or album name. Granted, it does not happen

蔡依林 Excellent Song : 惯性背叛

蔡依林 with her song 惯性背叛 Her latest album (Butterfly) is coming out soon. In Feb 2009, there was another album from her called J世纪大牌(新曲+精选). In that album, there is a song which I am