There are BOOKS on Album Art

So I am not crazy after all 🙂 See what I found on amazon !!

Leslie Cheung : My Top 5 Favourite Album Covers

张国荣 Leslie Cheung : My Top 5 Favourite Album Covers Today is the death anniversary of Leslie Cheung, one of the greatest

Album Art in Samsung Omnia 7 Windows 7 Mobile

Sharing a few photos of how album art and the interface of Zune in a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows 7 Phone looks like.. pretty neat.

封面党 But Not Accessible from China

Found a new term today. Just realized that people who loved Album Art like me are called “封面党” in China̷

黄小琥 没那么简单 and 伴

黄小琥 I would like to share two great songs in 黄小琥’s latest album, 简单/不简单. One song is the them song

萧亚轩 钻石糖 Publicity Shot

萧亚轩 萧亚轩 第十张 全新国语大碟 《钻石糖》 9/25 预购 10/9 发行 !! 萧亚轩 钻石糖 Publicity Shot

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art

Apple iPhone 3GS and Album Art…. I finally got an Apple iPhone many years after it was first launched and I had wanted i

陈伟联 分手的情书

陈伟联 分手的情书 Recommending this song, 分手的情书, from his latest album. I love it. It is so touching. Howeve

Tools that I use in my MP3 Workflow

I get my MP3 from many sources. From my CD collection that I am still trying my best to convert (it is almost 15 years of coll

I finally tried Songbird at last

(Old Article. Songbird no longer flying :)) Yes. I know I am very slow. Finally, today, I installed Songbird. I always thought

2009年 第20届金曲奖

第20届金曲奖 held on 28th June 2009. Some of the results and albums involved with their album art. 最佳国语专辑:

石欣卉 你没想像中爱我

石欣卉 你没想像中爱我 is a very good song… A while back she released her latest album. In it, there is a great