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萧亚轩 爱的主打歌[吻]

萧亚轩 I only want one song in this album ! Yes 吻 !! It is such a nice song…. I actually first heard it in a KTV and the lady who sang it was

Album Art Cover Flow in iPod Nano 4th Generation

I have two First Generation iPod Nano which I bought years ago when it was very first launched in Singapore. In fact, it is so old that it is part of the accepted iPod

Free Download of Mascot Fight Pantomime Hearse Album

Mascot Fight A lot of upcoming bands and singers started off by giving away their music in Myspace, Facebook or other avenues in the internet. The beauty of it all is that they have

Recommended Song: 孙燕姿 我不难过

孙燕姿 A song for all of you for the weekend. Of course, I am very familiar with the songs of 孙燕姿 as she is a fellow Singaporean and I have all her CDs from

Unboxing Apple In-Ear Headphones

I am a fan of Apple products so when Apple finally released the “Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mike” in Singapore at SGD 128, I grabbed it. I was looking for a new

Z2K9 : Zune Crashes At Midnight of Leap Year

Don’t mean to be rude but only this type of thing can happen to a Microsoft Consumer product…. January 1, 2009 A Year Ticks Over, and Zunes Get Hiccups It has been nine years

李圣杰 你们要快乐 Is A Great Song

李圣杰 I love Sam Lee (李圣杰) songs more and more with each passing month. He is a good singer no doubt but the songs that are written for him are so so meaningful. Today

TVB 2009 Calendar Is Out. And I love it.

I cannot live without my TVB serials ! No how. No why. No way. No Asian TV serials come even 1/4 close to any TVB serials ! TVB ROCKS ! TVB ROCKS ! And

梁文音 爱的诗篇 Out on 12th December 2008 !

梁文音 Yes lah. I have been waiting for this album for so long. 梁文音 is my most ever favourite singer in 超級星光大道 and I never understood how she could have lost to 賴銘偉. She

刘德华 每次醒来 in 相思成灾 Album

刘德华 The one particular song in this Andy 1996 album 相思成灾 that I wanted to talk about today is called 每次醒来. Also, this is not exactly that new a song. But because of the

阿杜 Sang Of Every Guy’s Nightmare Scene

阿杜 Got hold of this Ah Du CD (阿杜 天黑) so that I could rip into the highest MP3 bit-rate and replace those older versions in my iPod. Was enjoying the process until I

iTunes 8.0 Grid View : A simple review

Have you installed iTunes 8.0 ? I did it quickly when I read about the new GRID VIEW. From Apple Web Site about the new iTunes Grid View: “See your iTunes library in a

Jason Dunn Album Art Web Site

If you are looking for a good English CD album art web site, that’s so easy to find on the internet. There is one site which may not contain a lot of CD (but

周杰伦 11月的萧邦

Recently (again), I went to a 2nd hand CD shop and bought a 2005 Jay Chou (周杰伦) CD. The CD title is November Chopin (11月的萧邦). For Jay Chou, the new Chinese Pop heavenly king,

周杰伦 Song : 外婆

Recently my grandma passed away. She was really very important to me and my life. I doubt I will even be alive if not for her. She feed me, educated me and taught me