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陈洁仪 想像空间 2011 Live 精选

The digital launch of Kit Chan 2011 album, Kit Chan 陈洁仪 The Music Room Concert LIVE Recording. It is called 陈洁仪

林俊杰 JJ的咖啡调调 Vol 1 and Vol 2

JJ Lim !! And he now has this new release…. very interesting.. 2 albums… 林俊杰 JJ的咖啡调调 Vol 1 and Vol


Hins Cheung is a very long going Hong Kong singer. He is like been in the music scene forever….towards the next 20 years

王杰 这场游戏那场梦

王杰 这场游戏那场梦 Dave Wang 王杰 with an album 这场游戏 那场梦! Which is the appropriate album title of th

李荣浩 纵横四海

李荣浩 纵横四海 ! His latest album ! 2022-12-21 : 李荣浩 纵横四海 A larger one for you ! 李荣浩 纵横四海

卫兰 Daughter

Janice Vidal (卫兰) is back with another outstanding album ! 2022-12-19 : 卫兰 Daughter 专辑曲目: 01 – 呼吸

梁文音 好好对待她

Rachel Liang Wen Yin is back ! With a new album 2022-10-14 : 梁文音 好好对待她 A large album art cover for you too. Al

游鸿明 时光如雨

Chris Yu latest album… 游鸿明 时光如雨 2022-09-29 :  游鸿明 时光如雨 Larger Cover Art 游鸿明 时光如

品冠 不如我们今天见

Victor Wong’s latest album. I already heard the song and already put it into my iPhone and listened to it many times. It

薛之谦 无数

Oh.. I used to love his songs a lot.. but recent albums are pretty meh.. I hope this one can make me like him again… HA

曹格 我为歌狂 EP.1 滚石40 粤语精选

Oh my god. do you remember him ? And yes, another “old songs new singing”. This time Gary singing Cantonese songs


Not as famous as her older sister but 卫诗 is still a great Cantonese singer ! 2022-09-13 : 卫诗 STAGES Larger Album Art C