Album Covers

赵乃吉 曾经你说

Really love this song (of course, no album.. a single…) 2021-06-21 : 赵乃吉 曾经你说 A larger album art cover Tra

李幸倪 Time & Faith

Gin Lee 李幸倪 is a very popular singer now in Hong Kong. There is also a song with the Heavenly King, Jacky, in this album

周杰伦 最伟大的作品 Official Album Art

The album is finally launched today. Jay Chou Greatest Works of Art 周杰伦 最伟大的作品 Official Album Art ! 2022-07-

文慧如 还原

文慧如 has many good songs. She is very talented. I like her songs very much too… hope you will too.. this album art

周杰伦 最伟大的作品

Jay Chou is finally back with an album. And as expected, some of his older songs 说好不哭, Mojito, 等你下课 etc which

李佳薇 不爱了

李佳薇 is still singing and singing well ! Heard many good songs from her ! 2022-06-22 : 李佳薇 不爱了 李佳薇 不

吴克群 银河里拥抱

Wow.. Not heard from Ken Wu 吴克群 for a while !! His latest album is “Fall in Galaxy” 银河里拥抱. My gene

萧煌奇 说故事的歌

Ricky Hsiao has a fantastic voice ! 2022-05-27 : 萧煌奇 说故事的歌 A very large album art cover for you ! 专辑曲目

刘德华金曲 2022

A set of Andy Lau’s best songs. 刘德华金曲 2022…. all in different colours… 刘德华金曲 刘德华

侧田 love songs from dreams

Justin Loo 侧田 with his latest album “love songs from dreams” [2022-04-13] 侧田 love songs from dreams Larger

黄丽玲 Link

Her latest album 黄丽玲 Link 2022-04-08 : 黄丽玲 Link Very large album art of 黄丽玲 Link for you true album art fans

戴爱玲 不想听见的歌

Princess Ai 戴爱玲 always have a lot of albums but I seldom listen to her songs though 🙂 🙂 [2022-03-24] 戴爱玲 不