Album Covers

黄丽玲 Link

Her latest album 黄丽玲 Link 2022-04-08 : 黄丽玲 Link Very large album art of 黄丽玲 Link for you true album art fans

戴爱玲 不想听见的歌

Princess Ai 戴爱玲 always have a lot of albums but I seldom listen to her songs though 🙂 🙂 [2022-03-24] 戴爱玲 不

范玮琪 恰如其分的自己

Fan Fan 范玮琪 with her latest album in 2022… what a long time since her last album… this one is called Solitar

谭嘉仪 Kayee Tam Eyes On Me 新曲 + 精选2022

Yes another album from TVB shows ! This time from Kayee Tam 谭嘉仪. There are some songs already in her previous album and

胡鸿钧 ex CHANGE

Another singer turned TV actor. Hubert Wu or 胡鸿钧. You probably seen him in many TVB serials and more and more recently.

谷婭溦 哭墙

I told you she 谷婭溦 would have an album of her own one day 🙂 Of course it came out in April and I missed it so here

萧敬腾 隔离套房2827

Covid also can be an album title 🙂 2021-12-23 : 萧敬腾 隔离套房2827 Large Album Art Cover 萧敬腾 隔离套房2827

学友 经典 世界巡回演唱会 台北站 and 香港站

Did you see this concert back in 2016 to 2019 ? I did ! What a concert ! He performed 233 shows – kicking off in Beijing

G.E.M. 邓紫棋 两个你

GEM is back with an album. One Canto. One Mandarin. 2021-11-30 : G.E.M. 邓紫棋 两个你 A much larger album art Track List

林峯 忘我

Wow.. It has been a long while ! Raymond is back ! [2021-12-08] 林峯 忘我 Slightly Bigger Album Art Cover 专辑曲目:

容祖儿 薛丁格的猫 (首唱会版本)

Another version of her album… 2021-12-10 : 容祖儿 薛丁格的猫 (首唱会版本) Track Listing for 容祖儿 薛

容祖儿 薛丁格的猫

The names of albums are getting very sophisticated 🙂 Schrödinger’s cat or 薛丁格的猫 for Joey Yung’s late