Copying the lyrics to your MP3 files

Step 2.3 of the “MP3 Manufacturing” Workflow: Copying the lyrics of the songs to the MP3 files

Lyrics of songs are widely available on the internet. Doing a google with “song title” + “lyrics” will get you a long list of lyrics for English songs. For Chinese songs, I recommend or

Let’s use as an example. When you find a song there, they will put their web site name (advertising !) in their lyrics.

Lyrics on Mojim

So when you copy, you must remember to remove it (unless of course, you don’t mind that in your iPod).

Then in MP3tag, select the song you are adding the lyrics to, do a right click and select Extended Tag. Then add a new field with a new field “UNSYNCEDLYRICS” and the value of the field is your lyrics. An example:


Click “OK” twice and that’s it !

If you play the MP3 file in Windows Media Player, you can get to see the lyrics. If you don’t, check your settings (Menu->Play->Lyrics, Captions & Subtitles-> On if Available”:
Settings in WMP to see lyrics

And if you are successful, you get to see the lyrics and follow along. Be the best Karaoke Singer around ! 🙂

Windows Media Player showing CD lyrics

Of course, you can do it directly in Apple iTunes. Pretty straightforward too as the picture shows the location of the lyrics.

Adding Lyrics to iTunes

Once you sych your iTunes to your iPod, you can then see the lyrics in iPod. To do so, when playing the song, press the CENTRE BUTTON a few times to scroll through the screens to reach the lyrics.

Unfortunately I dont know of a way to do screenshots of iPod 🙁


  1. Eunice

    to do screenshot of ipod (touch) just press the on/off button and the circle button at the same time.

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