周华健 Even More Albums Covers

周华健 Even More Albums Covers

周华健 Emil’s albums in Apple Music store:

1996 : 周华健 爱的光

I totally dislike this album. Don’t ask me why 🙁
周华健 爱的光

1997 : 周华健 朋友

2 good songs: 终于 and of course, title track: 朋友

周华健 朋友

周华健 朋友

1998 : 周华健 有故事的人

华健 back at his very best with 4 great tracks: 应该, 有故事的人, a funny song 健忘 (which makes fun of Emil’s tendency to forget his lyrics, especially at concerts) and also the song, 最近比较烦 which is sang by 3 good composers-singers (李宗盛/周华健/黄品冠).

周华健 有故事的人

周华健 有故事的人

周华健 有故事的人

1999 : 周华健  现在[now]

I like his rendering of 鬼迷心窍 (originally sang by another singer) and the song 上上签.

周华健 现在[now]


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