蔡旻佑 寂寞, 好了 (完全拥佑终极限定盘)

蔡旻佑 寂寞, 好了

Yes, I agreed this is a great album. I love many songs (including a crazy silly song called 小乖乖) in this album. But do you really need another cover of this album ? But then, this is the not first singer. Many other Chinese singers do that. Release one album then another different cover couple of months later (called it Champion, Winner, Gold edition, Limited Edition, Superman Edition, whatever) of the same album. Amazing. Sad.


2010-01-08 : 蔡旻佑 寂寞, 好了 (完全拥佑终极限定盘)

蔡旻佑 寂寞, 好了

蔡旻佑 寂寞, 好了

01. 发光的简讯
02. 小乖乖
03. 寂寞,好了
04. 爱是对的
05. 日蚀
06. 你看不到的天空
07. Hey !
08. 我的宝贝
09. 打不倒男孩
10. 走

11. 跳进我心里



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