FIR 飞儿乐团 Discography

Many album arts for the FIR 飞儿乐团 Discography

2004 : FIR 飞儿乐团
FIR 飞儿乐团

FIR 飞儿乐团

FIR 飞儿乐团

2005 : FIR 无限
飞儿乐团 无限

FIR 无限

2006 : FIR 飞行部落
飞儿乐团 飞行部落

FIR 飞行部落

2007 : FIR 爱·歌姬
飞儿乐团 爱·歌姬

FIR 爱·歌姬

  1. Wailim

    That’s really nice,I have the same thought as you do,searching for the album arts.I searched this blog through google when I wanted to search the art of FIR-Fly Away.That’s awesome,please keep going!!

  2. Admin

    Updated with my latest scan of the debut album 飞儿乐团

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