李幸倪 BeGin and More

Gin Lee 李幸倪 BeGin and More. Gin’s latest “live” concert (sort of) album..

Do you like BeGin album (her last full album).. I love it…

Get it on iTunes Music:

[2016-11-25] 李幸倪 BeGin and More

iPhone album art cover:
李幸倪 beGin and more

Nice and big album art covers:
李幸倪 BeGin and More

1. 雙雙 (feat. Eric Kwok) [Duet Version]
2. 月球下的人 (feat. 馮翰銘) [Chamber Music Version]
3. 獨一無二 (Aftermath Remix Version)
4. Heartburn (Live)
5. Angel (Live)
6. 欠缺的擁抱 (國) [Live]
7. 雙雙 (Pre-show Rehearsal Version)

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