I finally tried Songbird at last

(Old Article. Songbird no longer flying :))

Yes. I know I am very slow.

Finally, today, I installed Songbird. I always thought it will take a lot of my time and effort but surprisingly, it did not take very long for me to be up and running.

I am sure many of my readers have it and love it. I also know one of my reader love the latest Winamp too. Will try it out one day too since the last time I tried it was many years ago when MP3 started out being popular.

I especially like the fact it can monitor the music folder and then automatically add songs to the application (as compared to iTunes). That way, your music player always have all your songs. However, whether that’s a good thing or not depends on personal taste. I dun want ALL my songs in my ipod (only those I like) so maybe it is not such a good idea.

But anyway, I am not planning to sych my iPod with Songbird either so that’s not an issue. I am just using it to play music on my PCs.

I also like the fact that scrobbling takes place automatically as long as you provide the log in information to last.fm. So that way, besides the songs I listened on my iPod, songs that I listened on my PC also goes to my lastfm profile.

And of course, via Add Ins (like Firefox and Thunderbird), you can have “now playing in your MSN messenger too”.

The usual works associated with a modern media player. Looks good and nice. More skins will be nice !

Songbird with Lyrics and default skin on the RIGHT panel
Songbird with Lyrics
Songbird with the YABS Skin and the Lastfm profile on the RIGHT panel
Songbird with Lastfm profile

Will look around Songbird Adds On and see if I can find more useful stuff (for myself)…. 🙂

Addition (24th Jul 2:09 PM) => I noticed last night that the MediaFlow (an add on to Songbird that allows for an iTunes cover flow experience look alike) does NOT move when the song changes. That means, it still stays at the same album cover even though the song has moved on. What a shame. I then google (google rocks) and found that I actually needed another add on called FocusTrack which will then move the cover flow as the song changes.

After installing it, it works. Now the album art will change as the player shuffles on to the next song. Ha ha.

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