卫兰 Serving You 2008 Album


Yippee. Janice’s latest 2008 abum.

I loved her songs ever since I was introduced to her. She is an EXCELLENT singer and her voice is really amazing. She has to be one of the best Canto singers of recent times. I just wish she is more popular than she is now. She deserved much better !

GO Janice GO !!!

2008 : 卫兰 Serving You

卫兰 Serving You

卫兰 Serving You

卫兰 Serving You

卫兰 Serving You

Track Listing
01. 就算世界无童话
02. My Cookie Can
03. 阴天假期
04. 杂技
05. 你知道我在等你们分手吗?
06. 如水
07. 爱深过做人
08. 我爱呼吸
09. 比我想像中爱你
10. 寒命
11. 退
12. 主角爱你
13. Reality
14. 无所谓

  1. Horizon

    lol… I love Janice since her first appearance. She definately has a great voice.. 🙂

  2. Admin

    I agree ! Janice ROCKS ! 🙂

  3. Lemon Grass Princess

    yup, she is a good singer

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