王若琳 House of Bullies

Amazing album title.. House of Bullies ! From the amazing voice of Joanna Wong 王若琳

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[2016-11-11] 王若琳 House of Bullies
王若琳 House of Bullies

王若琳 House of Bullies


01.The Tale Begins 故事的开始
02.Isn’t It Exciting? 这不是很令人兴奋吗?
03.My Belly Really Aches 消化不良
04.Scary Cousins 可怕的表兄弟
05.The Rightful Heir 正当继承人
06.when you dream in technicolor 当你做着Technicolor的梦(演奏曲)
07.Inside the Mind of a Chicken 公鸡的脑海里
08.The Greatest Stink 最大的恶臭
09.The Art of Bullying 霸凌的艺术
10.Intermission (Looney Galop) 中场休息 (疯癫快步舞)
11.When You Dream in Technicolor 当你做着Technicolor的梦
12.Meanest Kids in Town 镇上最坏的小孩
13.Run Away From Home! 离家出走!
14.The Cult Leader 新兴宗教教主
15.Liar 骗子
16.Senile Rock 失智摇滚
17.Mom and Dad Don’t Understand 爸妈不了解
18.Pick of the Litter 最优秀的孩子

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