薛之谦 怪咖

Joker Xue 薛之谦 latest album… called Weirdo… 怪咖

Hottest kid in town now ! His is a classic case of “faking till you make it…” (in a good way.. working hard till you make it !!). Very happy for him !

Happy New Year, every one !!

2018-12-31: 薛之谦 怪咖

薛之谦 怪咖
薛之谦 怪咖

Available on iTunes Music now..

Large large album art for you…

薛之谦 怪咖
薛之谦 怪咖

Track Listing

01 – 摩天大楼
02 – 怪咖
03 – 肆无忌惮
04 – 狐狸
05 – 天份
06 – 最好
07 – 醒来 (Live) (岳云鹏)
08 – 哑巴
09 – 那是你离开了北京的生活
10 – 违背的青春

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