Joanna and 若琳 The Adult Storybook


She always look so unhappy in her album covers 🙂

2009-07-17 : Joanna & 王若琳 The Adult Storybook

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Joanna and 若琳 The Adult Storybook

Joanna and 若琳 The Adult Storybook


01. Tikiville(English Version)
02. Maybe Some Other Time (English Version)
03. Times of Your Life
04. 一种念头
05. 我的爱
06. Aubrey
07. Vincent
08. Tikiville (Chinese Version 中文版)
09. Maybe Some Other Time (Chinese Version中文版)
10. 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你
11. I Guess I’m Paranoid
12. Palpitation
13. Even If We Did
14. His Remedy
15. I’m pathetic enough
16. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (New)
17. Just The Two Of Us (New)

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