JPM 365

JPM 365

Frankly, I dont know who they are (a group of guys or gals or mix ?) but I love the colourful album art cover.

Super nice use of colours.. Even the CD looks nice (as you can tell, I seldom share CD cover art but this time…)

Tell me if you know who they are ..

2012-11-30 : JPM 365
JPM 365
JPM 365
JPM 365
Even their CD looks nice…
JPM 365
01. 365天
02. 相信爱
03. Internet (feat. Kimberley)
04. Crazy For Love(JPM-毛弟独唱)
05. 我没有很想你
06. She Wanna Go
07. 爱情的下坡
08. 一个人也好(JPM-王子独唱)
09. 笑自己(JPM-小杰独唱)
10. Singing 4 Love

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