谢安琪 Slowness


The highly anticipated album of the year in Hong Kong (to me !). She is the hottest star in Hong Kong singing scene now (sorry to the rest..) !

In this album I see the song which I wanted badly. 最后晚餐 which comes from the drama serial 有房出租 which Kay sang really well (at least on the TV version). Very nice song. Unfortunately it does not contain the song 两生关 from the TVB hit serial, 富贵门 which is also sang by Kay.

2009-12-21 : 谢安琪 Slowness
谢安琪 Slowness

iPhone/iPod Version
谢安琪 Slowness iPhone/iPod Version

谢安琪 Slowness

谢安琪 Slowness

Track Listing
01. 活着
02. 雨过天阴
03. 宽限期
04. 衣帽间
05. 替你高兴
06. 载我走
07. 艺妓回忆录
08. 最后晚餐 (香港电台处境喜剧《有房出租》主题曲)
09. 身体发肤 (屈臣氏广告主题曲)
10. 赖床

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