谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

The very popular Tam Kayee 谭嘉仪… the Hong Kong singer of so so many TVB serial shows 🙂

“Can You Hear” is of course the best song from 白色强人 but there is also 今宵多珍重 from the very very excellent TVB Show, 金宵大厦.

[2019-12-19] 谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

谭嘉仪 Can You Hear
谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

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Watch the YouTube too.. but nothing beats watching the two TV serials.. I MISS Hong Kong !!!

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谭嘉仪 Can You Hear
谭嘉仪 Can You Hear

Track Listing

  1. Can You Hear (TVB剧集[白色强人] 插题)
  2. 今宵多珍重 (电视剧[今宵大厦] 主题曲)
  3. 怎么你不找我
  4. 世事何曾是绝对
  5. 愿留住你 CAN You Hear 广东版 (谭嘉仪/马国明)
  6. 我不归去 电视剧[射雕英雄傅]片尾曲
  7. Lonely (广东版
  8. 伴你闯荡 (电视剧[果栏中的江湖大嫂] 主题曲
  9. 小堡垒
  10. 星空漫步 (Can You Sea 广东版)
  11. 今宵多珍重 (轻快版)

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