古巨基 Guitar Love

古巨基 Guitar Love 2008 Album is a whole new musical experience by Leo Ku (古巨基).

With the help of many world class musical instrumental artists, he sang of new songs that are of a different level of musical enjoyment as other pop music of today.

Mixing pop music with guitars and other classical musical instruments, Leo gave us a new feeling and meaning to music appreciation.

2008 : Guitar Love

古巨基 Guitar Love

古巨基 Guitar Love

古巨基 Guitar Love Album Art Cover
Track Listing
01. 下次再见
02. 眼睛不能没眼泪
03. 花不痛
04. 啦啦
05. 你恨到
06. See You Next Time
07. Eyes With Tears (主音结他:Joey Tang)
08. Flowers Don’t Hurt (主音结他:Joey Tang)
09. La La (主音结他:Barry Chung)
10. All Yours (主音结他:雷颂德)

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