钟嘉欣 My Love Story


She is back with another album. Not seen her a lot in TVB Drama recently. As usual, this album has 2 Mandarin songs in addition to her usual candy sounding Canto pop.

Also I am trying out a new method of album art at 500×500. The reason is that some people (you dun have to be rude though..I am doing this as a service. It is not as if I owe you my life) demanded that I don’t stretch or scale or interpolate the album art for Chinese albums (which are usually LONG as compared to the English ones which are almost always perfect squares). Once I interpolate, the album becomes weird and bloated.

Fair point, so I am trying out the method of just pasting the album art to a 500×500 box so that it becomes normal. If it works out well, I might slowly go back to the old ones and change them too.

An example:
钟嘉欣 My Love Story MODIFIED for iPod

I am not sure if it really looks better but it is your choice. Use whichever one you want. You dun have to be rude though.

2009-11-12 : 钟嘉欣 My Love Story
钟嘉欣 My Love Story

钟嘉欣 My Love Story

钟嘉欣 My Love Story


01. 日夜想你
02. 明争暗斗
03. 暗示
04. Fly Me To The Moon
05. 有一天
06. 恋爱令人心痛(钟嘉欣/韦雄)
07. 生死也为爱
08. Cha Cha Bounce
09. 听说你爱我
10. 白羊座的情歌
11. 有一天(国语)
12. 让我继续爱你(国语)

  1. agu

    u are doing a great job. =) thanks for everything

  2. Anonymous

    yeah..thanku for this site too

  3. Chinese Albumart

    thanks.. some people in the internet are so damn rude.. sigh…

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