Mirai 未来

Mirai 未来 : One and only album

One album. Never heard of them ever after. Pity as I like 放开 quite a bit. I still don’t know if they are a Japanese girl group or a Singapore girl group etc. Amazing and cruel music scene.

Take 3 girls from a normal life, push them to the limelight and then suddenly expect them to disappear altogether.

I wonder what happened to each of the girls in the group.

(Oh wow.. my readers’ comments have left some good information)

2000-06 : Mirai 未来
Mirai 未来
Mirai 未来
Mirai 未来
Track Listing
1.Introduction (Into The Sky)
2.Once Again
6.Take a chance (Interlude-One Big Apple)
8.I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
9.My Love
10.Into The Sky
11.White Love

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