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曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕

Heard this song on my new favourite radio station, Hao 96.3 🙂

So thought I will try to find the album art since I have the MP3 song.

Here it goes. Sorry if you think it is an Uncle’s song. I AM AN UNCLE BORN IN THE 1970s !!

[1987-09] 曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕

曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕
曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕

Large Album Art

曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕
曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕


曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕
曾庆瑜 今夕是何夕

The rest of the tracks


  1. 今夕是何夕(电影[鬼新娘]主题曲)
  2. 什么时候应该醉
  3. 为你表演
  4. 你是你,我是我
  5. 想像的温柔
  6. 玩偶(电影[喜宝]主题曲)
  7. 心中的火
  8. 你听一听
  9. 临别依依
  10. 陪着月亮

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