Ripping Copy Control CDs using EAC

Recently I bought 2 dated music CDs at a discount store (these are brand new CDs but sold at a discount) and was planning to rip them into MP3 for my music collection.

To my horror, when I tore off the packaging, I realized that they were Copy Control CDs. I either overlooked (for 1 of them) or it was definitely not clear that it was a Copy Control CD in another one as there were no signs of it being one at all.

Copy Control CD, according to Wikipedia, are “copy-protecting compact discs. The system is intended to prevent digital audio extraction (“ripping”) from the protected discs, and thus limit the file sharing of ripped music.”
One of the CDs had a copy control sticker at the back (obviously I was blind to it):
copy control sticker at the back of a CD
For the other one, there was an instruction sheet attached to the CD that is oh-so-friendly
copy control instruction sheet

So I was wondering how to rip them ? I researched the internet and found a lot of instructions with some suggesting downloading different softwares such as ISO Buster, some suggesting methods to burn to a audio CD and finally some even suggested methods of playing it in a normal CD player and then recording it manually via a wired connection.

Then I read in a particular blog that you just could potentially use EAC (that’s the ripping software I normally use). Nothing else is needed. Interesting and since I do use EAC all the time, it was just a simple test then.

So I went ahead to insert the CD into the PC (making very sure that the Windows AUTOPLAY functionality is switched OFF (deactivated via using Windows XP Tweak UI) for my CD ROM drive so that the naughty copy control CDs will not attempt to install any software which is a known issue.

Then I launched my EAC (the version of EAC I am using is version 0.95 beta 4 from 21st Feb 2006) and behold, it was as per normal. EAC showed all the tracks on the CD (including a data track). It looks like what I see normally when I inserted a Redhook CD (i.e. normal CD) into the drive.

Okay.. so I decided to try my luck and hence, I went ahead and ripped the CD into MP3as per normal…..
I then play back the MP3 tracks and ho and behold, it worked. Just like a normal CD !

Why ? I am confused ! What’s the copy control ? Did EAC easily break the copy control ? I would spend time to research the internet to find out more but if you have an idea, just drop me a comment !

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