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卫兰 又~离家出走 (新编曲 + 精选)

卫兰 又~离家出走 (新编曲 + 精选) Her new song and compilation album. Janice’s voice is always so amazing….. HOWEVER, for once I am sad… The album art cover looks very cheap 🙁 Like those pirated

卫兰 首张同名专辑

Janice Vidal 卫兰 ! With her Mandarin album 首张同名专辑 ! Is this her first FULL Mandarin album ?! [2017-10-27] 卫兰 首张同名专辑 Big Big Album Art Cover for you: Track Listing 1.不欠我什么 2.想像空间 3.蓝色Monday 4.Lonely

卫兰 E11

卫兰 Janice’s latest album. [2014-11-28] 卫兰 E11 Track Listing 1.错过你 2.八九十 3.You’re Always Everything to Me 4.自首 5.激光中 6.You Go I Go 7.长痛短痛 8.分手总要在雨天 9.原来你什么都想要 10.情人甲(& 许志安) 11.All You Get From Love is a

卫兰 You’re Always Everything to Me

Her latest superb song !! Super GOOD !! Janice !! 2014-10 : 卫兰 You’re Always Everything to Me Track Listing 1 You Go I Go Hot 2 錯過你 3 自首 4 激光中 5 八九十

卫兰 Imagine

Janice Vidal 卫兰 latest album, Imagine. Oh how i love her superb voice !!! 2012-12-21 : 卫兰 Imagine 专辑曲目: 01.街灯晚餐 02.他不惯被爱 03.我怀念的你 04.爱没有假如 05.我们的故事 06.难为自已 07.珍妮丝的告白 08.回电我 09.只要我们还有心 10.Imagine

卫兰 Love Diaries

卫卫兰 Love Diaries Love Janice !! She is such a beautiful singer.. with a ASTONISHING good voice 2010-10-27 : 卫兰 Love Diaries Track Listing 01.你的女人 02.爱在天地动摇时 03.2012 04.积雪 05.温差 06.唯爱人间 07.男人信什么 – 卫兰 /

卫兰 Wish (新曲+精选)

卫兰 One of the best singers in Hong Kong. Hope she will have a better year in 2010 than in the past 2 years ! 2009-11-27 : 卫兰 Wish (新曲+精选) Track Listing CD 1

卫兰 Morning Janice

卫兰 One of my favourite Hong Kong singers ! 2009-07-03 : 卫兰 Morning Janice Track Listing 1.Morning 2.Please 3.Speechless 4.Rainbows 5.Make My Day 6.999 7.Burt 8.TV 9.Pretty 10.Every Morning

卫兰 Serving You 2008 Album

卫兰 Yippee. Janice’s latest 2008 abum. I loved her songs ever since I was introduced to her. She is an EXCELLENT singer and her voice is really amazing. She has to be one of

卫兰 Discography Album Art Covers

Janice M. Vidal (卫兰) One of my favourite Cantopop Singer. Been pretty quiet recently but I think her singing is AMAZINGLY good !! Just need to listen to the songs “My Love My Fate”