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吴若希 爱情无价

There you go, the TVB shows’ theme songs queen :). Miss Jinny Ng 吴若希 with a whole album FULL of TVB shows. As I shared in this blog post, I needed this kind of

吴若希 眼泪的秘密

Jinny 吴若希 ! More TVB theme songs ! 🙂 Let’s see how many in this album… 我們都受傷 – TVB劇集主題曲 眼淚的秘密 – TVB劇集片尾曲 美好的時光 – TVB劇集主題曲 誘心人 – TVB劇集主題曲 吴若希 is now the top TVB

吴若希 越难越爱 Love Collection

The hottest kid in Hong Kong nowadays (together with GEM, I guess). Don’t need say you also know this song 越难越爱 right…TVB serial 使徒行者 片尾曲 !! [2014-11-27] 吴若希 越难越爱 Track Listing 1.越难越爱(TVB剧集 使徒行者 片尾曲)

吴若希 我懂了

Jinny Ng 吴若希 我懂了 I Understand Dont know who she is. Never tried her music before. Will start with this album 🙂 [2013-06-26] 吴若希 我懂了 专辑曲目: 01.我懂了 02.没结果 03.炊烟 04.救救我 (Feat. 胡鸿钧) 05.未上心 06.等