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周兴哲 小时候的我们

The hottest singer nowadays. Eric Chou 2020 album [2020-01-07] 周兴哲 小时候的我们 A large album art for you Tracks 专辑歌曲: 1.In The Works 2.小时候的我们 3.受够 4.Me And You 5.That’s Why I Like You 6.Rollercoasters 7.相信爱

周兴哲 终于了解自由

Eric Chou 周兴哲 is back with his 2019 album. Freedom… or “终于了解自由”. Hope it will be as good as all his previous albums !! Presenting Album Art Covers… [2019-01-10] 周兴哲 终于了解自由 Available as usual

周兴哲 如果雨之后

周兴哲 Eric Chou’s latest album…. The Chaos after You 如果雨之后 !! Hope there will be great songs in this album just like his last two albums !! And oh I LOVE THIS ALBUM ART

周兴哲 学着爱 and 爱 教会我们的事

Eric Chou 周兴哲 and his first two albums. His third is coming out these few days. Loved the two songs inside these albums, 以后别做朋友 and 你 好不好 Get his albums from iTunes Store: [2014-12-19]